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Fiona McKeon


Fiona is CEO of BizWorld Ireland. In this role, she is responsible for the overall management and development of the organisation. Fiona bridges the gap between educators and business people in order to produce successful but financially responsible leaders and entrepreneurs for the future.

Fiona is also a public speaker, trainer and lecturer on Professional and Personal Development. She has been working and educating in the industry for 25 years, working with schools, colleges and businesses. Fiona counts IBEC, Fás, DAA, Brown Thomas, Ernst & Young, Darley Flying Start, TV3, TG4 and many educational institutions as her previous clients.

Fiona holds a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management MA Ed and has developed and delivered entrepreneurial modules for B.Ed students at Froebel Department of Education in Maynooth University.

Ana Elisa Fonseca


Ana Elisa Fonseca is from Brazil and she joined BizWorld Ireland through an international internship program called The Intern Group. As an intern, she is responsible for helping running BizWorld Ireland’s operations. Ana loves being connected with people and making a difference in people´s lives, that´s why she has chosen to work for Bizworld using her creative and management skills.

Before joining BizWorld Ireland, Ana Elisa finished her studies in Public Administration and has been working for her state government in the Human Rights Office. The last governmental program that she managed taught work skills to prisoners to help them get back to work after finishing their sentences.

In her spare time, Ana enjoys exploring Dublin city, making new friends and traveling. She is open to new learnings and new opportunities.


Lauren Edwards


Lauren is an intern of BizWorld Ireland. She holds a Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) degree from Melbourne, Australia and has business experience in accounts, administration and human resources.

Lauren has been working with BizWorld to expand across Ireland to reach more schools and students. She will be working within schools as a youth coordinator during BizWorld Ireland workshops and recognizes the importance of creativity and autonomy in the classroom. BizWorld gives students the opportunity to build on their own thoughts and ideas to apply to the real world. The link between education and the real world is imperative to Lauren to build the entrepreneurs of the future. She believes the cross-curriculum approach undertaken by BizWorld concentrates on what is important: student- directed learning.