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10 Workshops Delivered Nationwide Last Week

10 Workshops Delivered Nationwide Last Week

Last week, the week of October 22nd, our youth coordinators delivered 10 workshops across Ireland. Thanks to our partnership with the Bank of Ireland, it was possible to reach out to some schools from Limerick, Offaly, Dublin and Carlow.

In the 2-day workshop children learn about the entrepreneurial cycle and practise what they have learned by setting up their own business. We can see that we have been successful by taking a quick look at their own company ideas.

Check out some of the company names and what they do:
Safe Sockets
Wall socket that cuts power to an appliance when it is fully charged – avoids overheating & fires.

Child be Safe                                                                                                                                                                                                                              APP that allows parents to monitor children’s access/usage of social media & online games.

Animals 4 U
It matches animals in shelters – dogs & Cats with elderly /lonely people, also offers dog walking service & starter kits.

Food Duties
Animal feeder machine for Dogs & Cats, allows you to feed your animals while at work or away for the day.

The Pen of the Future
A pen that helps young/dyslexic children learn to write by guiding the hand after speaking the word into the pen.

An app with built in storage holding games/movies/music/online food delivery information which comes with a free speaker.

Smores Sweet Shop
A fantasy sweet shop stocking things like dragon’s breath, mermaid scale ice-cream, rainbow slushies. They also host themed birthday parties.

Comfy Couch
A couch that has built in heat, a tablet/phone holder & food storage. It shuts off after 2 hours to encourage people to get up and move/exercise/cook.

After setting up their company, each group has to present their business idea to the Dragons, the venture capitalists, to get investment and pay their bank loan and future expenses. A local business person, the Principal of the school and a person from Bank of Ireland are invited to play the Dragons and ask about their business strategy, marketing and future plans.