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A team of graduates can be the tutors!

The new programme is brought to you with the support of our partner Bank of Ireland and is free to schools. BizWorld graduates are invited back into the world of business through Biz Box.

Biz Box is an extension programme consisting of 5 challenges which contain business activities for the pupils involved. One major aspect of this program is leadership; where a team of graduates can be the tutors. This gives the participants the opportunity to put their skills into practice and build on their creative, persuasive and artistic skills in this back to business programme.

There are up to 15 hours of student-directed learning to discover as participants use their critical thinking skills to delve deeper into business and partake in leadership roles. BizWorld, through both the initial workshops and Biz Box, promote innovation and communication to build the entrepreneurs and leaders of the future.

Download our teacher friendly lessons and get ready to immerse yourself in business through the challenges!