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BizWorld promotes innovation and the opportunity for autonomy in a business setting for all students who are involved. It gives the students the chance to understand and compile a business strategy in a collaborative working environment before presenting their creative ideas and their pitch to business experts. This gives them a hands-on practical approach to STEM and Arts through business education.

STEM + Arts is an educational approach that combines the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and arts. STEM + Arts and BizWorld promote problem-based learning and 21st century skills to develop entrepreneurs of the future. BizWorld is the practical application of STEM + Arts skills. Science, technology and engineering are combined through the business strategies and innovative ideas, arts is used through the creation of the business model and marketing approach and mathematics is used throughout the process including the financial ledger. STEM + Arts gives every participant of BizWorld the ability to shine through the problem-based tasks as it is not aimed at just one subject or skill.