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Learning By Doing: Make Your Own Business With Bizworld

Learning by doing: Make your own business with Bizworld

Bizworld´s theory is based on the Dale’s Cone of Experience. Have you heard of it? This model incorporates what the researchers have been studying for years about instructional design and learning processes. Edgar Dale theorized that learners retain more information by what they “do” as opposed to what is “heard”, “read” or “observed”. His research led to the development of the Cone of Experience. Basically, the most effective methods of teaching involve direct purposeful learning experiences, such as hands-on or field experience which represents realistic life experiences. This is what Bizworld Ireland is all about. Today, this “learning by doing” has become known as “experiential learning” or “action learning”. The cone is explained below:




BizWorld workshops are delivered in the classroom over a two-day period by specially-trained BizWorld Ireland tutors. Instead of teaching the basics of entrepreneurship, business and finance by showing how the entrepreneurial cycle operates. The pupils are taken through the entire entrepreneurial cycle by developing their own business – from company formation and applying for jobs in their companies, to market research with younger classes in the school, and then designing, producing and marketing their business idea.


Dale´s research suggests that when choosing an instructional method that involves direct purposeful participation by students as they perform tasks during the learning process, knowledge retention rises to 90%. The BizWorld pupils are really tested by pitching for investment to a real local businessperson, who hears each company’s pitch and decides how many ‘BizBucks’ to invest in their company.


It has been shown that the activities implemented by Bizworld give the children the opportunity to experience real life situations and get a feel for how a business operates. 93% said that they have learnt new skills as a result of the Bizworld workshops.



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