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TY (Transition Year) is an exciting gap year for Secondary school pupils to develop themselves personally through engaging with the world of work, volunteering and recreation. BizWorld Ireland offers a unique 3 day programme for TY pupils to train to run BIzWorld workshops in a Primary school in their community. TY pupils deliver the workshops over 2 Primary School days.

Training takes place over one full school day where pupils learn to be Múinteoir in their local Primary school introducing 11-13 year old pupils to Enterprise and Business. Teams of trained TY pupils run the workshop in 5th class bringing the pupils through the entrepreneurial cycle from company formation and applying for jobs in their companies, to market research with younger classes in the school, and then designing, producing and marketing their business idea.

They learn about pitching for investment and – to bring the workshop to another level – they are visited by a business person who will play the role of venture capitalist and have the opportunity to pitch, ‘Dragon’s Den’ style! This is usually a local businessperson, who hears each company’s pitch and decides how much ‘BizBucks’ to invest in their company.

Their hands-on experience culminates in the balancing of each company’s finance ledger after their companies are launched in the classroom on Day Two.

There are a range of benefits for TY students to get involved with BizWorld.

Complete the course today to receive:

  • BizWorld training
  • Use of BizWorld materials including Power point presentation, student booklets, flyers and BizBucks
  • Matching volunteers to the schools
  • Backup support
  • Unique enhancement of each student’s CV for the future
  • Build on communication skills and public speaking
  • Be rewarded with the excitement and innovation of the pupils
  • Be provided with BizWorld certificates

Schools can also choose to build on this experience with the TY students after their training and workshops. Students can compile a log of their learning experiences over the three days to complete an end of programme assessment task or presentation to their classmates and teacher.

Invest in the programme today through your school or arrange sponsorship by finding a company sponsor so that TY students may build on their leadership skills and get hands-on educational experience by working with younger students.