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Recognizing Intelligence In Everyone

Recognizing Intelligence in Everyone

Here at BizWorld Ireland we are all about giving students the opportunity to grow and build on their creativity through our workshops.

As theorized by Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences, everyone learns differently and has different strengths.

Some people have more recognized intelligence such as the verbal-linguistic intelligence or mathematical-logical intelligence. However, there are other intelligences that are just as valuable.

BizWorld caters to a variety of intelligences by considering “our relationships with others, our self-awareness and our imagination” (Claxton, Chambers, Powell & Lucas, 2011, p.31).

Each participant of the BizWorld workshops should be using their imagination in working together to create a strategy that is innovative and creative for their business.



Every student that participates with BizWorld builds on their interpersonal skills and challenges each other to build on their critical thinking skills using each other’s strengths for the benefit of their business. The success of the business relies on the multiple intelligences of the students through the key components of creating a company logo, business cards, job applications, their selling strategy, the marketing process and their pitch.

Innovation is the key to success, not just in business but also in life. BizWorld promotes diverse learners, innovative thinking and decision making through every workshop to build the entrepreneurs of the future.