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The Teenage Entrepreneur Movement

The Teenage Entrepreneur Movement

Our ambassador Jordan Casey is a self-taught programmer. He began aged nine by watching YouTube videos and reading books on programming. In February 2012, Jordan became one of Europe’s youngest iOS app developers when he released Alien Ball V Humans into the iTunes store. The game went to number one on the iTunes charts.

At 16 years old, he became a BizWorld ambassador showing success as a young entrepreneur. He hopes to help young people to develop their own business ideas and set up new companies. Now his dream has come true and so can others. He founded The Teenage Entrepreneur Movement last year to provide resources and support to creative and driven young people from all over the world who may not be fortunate enough to have access to the same opportunities as other young entrepreneurs.

TEM provides a platform to learn, gain access to contacts, mentorship, products and services in order for them to reach their potential. This is only possible through ambassadors and mentors. Becoming an ambassador, you become involved in sharing their goals, promoting their mission, contributing to TEM by means of interviews, case studies, video clips and podcasts. The ambassadors are those who are able to join their mentorship programmes. This involves providing advice and guidance to many entrepreneurs all over the world, usually in a Google live hangout or fireside chat environment.

TEM is looking for individuals to join their movement, if you are interested, please check out their website: